N-CODE Expo 2024

Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th June 2024

N-CODE is pleased to announce that our face to face EXPO will be taking place in June 2024. The conference will be an opportunity to bring together professionals from healthcare, the neurotechnology industry, academics, funders, charities and those with lived experience to discuss the latest innovations and research in developing technologies that enable community-based diagnosis and management of neurological conditions for the benefit of patients.

What's new from N-CODE?

Our events schedule

Priority setting for network activities will be built around 3 core principles:


Building new partnerships and a broad ecosystem with academics, clinicians, industry partners and people with lived experience of neurological conditions. Host a mentorship scheme to connect people at different career stages to undertake secondments with partner organisations.


Host workshops on emerging areas of interest, and an annual conference to celebrate findings from across the network.


Hold events including stakeholder led study groups, sandpits and research incubators to fund a pipeline of proof of concept and feasibility studies.

We will work closely with our partners to develop a roadmap for neurotechnology enabled community-based care.

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The network is building a connected ecosystem where stakeholders including hospitals and clinics, primary and community care, industry, policy makers and regulators will come together with postgraduate research students, post-doctoral researchers and academics to co-create strategy and devise transformative research challenges that are solved for societal benefit. At the heart of our network will be people with lived experience of neurological conditions. We are always looking for new partners to join us. It’s free to join so sign up here.

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