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Hospital neurology and neurophysiology services are increasingly overwhelmed. With a growing and ageing population, the incidence of neurological conditions is increasing. Compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now over 10,000 people in the UK waiting more than a year for an appointment with a neurologist.

N-CODE is addressing these challenges through the development of new technologies that enable diagnosis and management in the community rather than the hospital environment. This could mean though community diagnostic hubs, high-street healthcare professionals, GP surgeries, mobile units or even to the home environment.

Digital solutions built around neural interfacing, signal processing, machine learning and mathematical modelling as enabling technologies offer significant potential for addressing many challenges currently faced by people with neurological conditions and those responsible for their care.

For example, they will lead to novel biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of neurological, neuropsychiatric or neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as markers that inform new therapies for (neuro)rehabilitation and clinical management. Working in close cooperation with partners who are developing new technologies for measuring brain, eye, spinal, and peripheral nerve activity using wearable technology and minimally invasive devices, as well as hand-held scanners and transportable machines, will accelerate the transformation to community-based care.

To achieve this, we have built a network of partners with backgrounds spanning academia, industry, hospitals and GP surgeries, charities and policy makers. Crucially we ensure that people with lived experience of neurological conditions are at the heart of our network. Their experience informs debate and shapes our research priorities, ensuring feasibility and acceptability of emerging technologies.

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Meet the Team

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Steering Group

The N-CODE Steering Group provides strategic direction, priority setting, funding decision making and advocacy in order to ensure that N-CODE delivers against its objectives. It is independently chaired by Professor Stafford Lightman FRS, University of Bristol and co-founder of URHYTHM.

The Steering Group is made up of the core investigator and management team alongside members from our partner organisations, lay representation and an observer from the EPSRC. The current membership is:

On Monday 10th October, N-CODE held an online launch event to present the network to the partners. The host, Professor John Terry, N-CODE Principal Investigator, provided the partners with further insight into the vision for N-CODE, introduced the network’s current team and discussed opportunities for involvement, funding, mentorship and training. The event also provided space for discussion between attendees on what activities N-CODE can offer to support their research & development, what skills and expertise are needed and what areas of research should be prioritised.

Our Partners

Our project partners are at the heart of the network and involving stakeholders from across healthcare, academia, industry, charities, policy makers and people with lived experience of neurological conditions means that we can co-create synergistic research to maximise the likelihood of impact on people’s lives.

We are always looking for new partners to join us. Our current list of project partners is: