Engagement and Involvement

As part of our aim to build new partnerships to deliver innovative digital solutions to move the diagnosis and management of neurological, neuropsychiatric or neurodevelopmental conditions in non-hospital environments, we are funded to host a variety of events with our community.

Our Commitment:

To deliver its mission, N-CODE is strongly committed to engaging and involving a diverse community of people within the research process, from generating initial ideas through to evaluating the impacts of new findings. Supporting this is N-CODE’s patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) representatives – public volunteers interested in, affected by, or living with, one or more neurological and/or neurodevelopmental conditions. PPIE representatives advise on projects aligned to their interests and lived experience, supporting the network to shape and deliver its research ambitions.

This page will list open calls to get involved in upcoming N-CODE engagement and involvement activities as a PPIE representative.

Steering Committee: PPIE Neuro Advisors

In addition to PPIE representatives who support with general activities across the network, the N-CODE Steering Committee also includes a number of patient and public representatives, known as our “PPIE Neuro Advisors”.

These Neuro Advisors ensure there is patient and public representation within N-CODE’s governance structure and as such they support high-level decision-making across the network as a whole. Typically, these members already work or volunteer with charities or organisations in the neurodivergent space and they help bring in these wider perspectives. They may also have direct lived experience of a neurodevelopmental or neurological condition themselves or they may care for someone affected by such conditions.

PPIE Neuro Advisors are appointed through an application and panel assessment process as they serve a 2-3-year term. Callouts for new PPIE Neuro Advisor members take place when an existing member’s term comes to an end or if they step down from the role. The Terms of Reference for the role and function of PPIE Neuro Advisors supporting N-CODE’s Steering Committee can be read here.

By ‘the public’ we mean a diverse mix of people, whether defined by age, colour, race, ethnicity or nationality, disability, gender or sexuality, who may have different needs and concerns.