Can an Epilepsy Chatbot improve outcomes for people with epilepsy?

(Left to right) Ms Sarah Jones, Professor Heather Angus-Leppan, Isabella Marinelli & Andrea Mbarushimana

Principal Investigator: Professor Heather Angus-Leppan

Co-Investigators: Ms Sarah Jones, Mr Adam Hutchinson, Mr Christopher Appleton & Dr Tony Wolff

Centre Fellow: Isabella Marinelli

Artist: Andrea Mbarushimana

This project will use a closed-circuit chatbot to answer real questions about living with epilepsy and measure its impact.

“Life changes that moment. An MRI, hospital appointment for an EEG. Another appointment. Medications, a blur of words. An FAQ sheet, get the car picked up, get home. The next appointment is 6 months. You want an easy way to ask your questions, without fear or embarrassment and quickly. You just want your life back” (Anonymous patient, October 2022)

The confidential chatbot system aims to improve health outcomes and quality of life by providing a rapid response to unanswered questions ​(5,7,8,12)​.

The Chatbot will use secure data continually checked by clinicians. Patients will be involved throughout, via face-to-face creative workshops which will develop online resources ​(6,9,13)​. 

Overall changes will be measured; in hospital attendances, medications compliance, re-attendances at A&E, mortality, confidence, self-esteem and ability to talk comfortably about epilepsy ​(3,7,9,14)​.


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