Re-writing Loneliness in Dementia​ 


  • Marco Palomino (University of Aberdeen)
  • Emilie Fontaine (Cobo Creative)
  • Julian Stander (University of Plymouth)
  • Merryn Anderson (Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Bryan Clark (Falmouth University)
  • Anna Mankee-Williams (Falmouth University)


Funded: £19,319 over 4 months.

Loneliness has wide ranging detrimental effects from increased risk of depression and physical health conditions to negative impact on cognition. It is also associated with increased all-cause mortality. Current interventions to reduce loneliness are beneficial, however, barriers to face-to-face groups including rural isolation, intersectionality and co-morbidities highlight the need for alternative provision. The long-term vision of this project is to develop technology that can measure loneliness and cognitive decline and provide personalised interventions to reduce loneliness. The project will create an initial natural language processing algorithm to identify loneliness from stories within text written by people with dementia. We will test this algorithm on existing data repositories and use statistical methods to measure and improve its accuracy and visualise our results. We will produce a short film to communicate our results to specialist and non-specialist audiences to aid inclusivity. 

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